Welcome to the Studio 220 Films Team

While there are many people who have worked (and still do) to get Studio 220 Films where we are today, These are the core people who are there EVERY day - tirelessly working to make great films. But, we have room for so many more!
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Jerry Loncon

Co-Owner - Director

It’s been said that if you want to know God’s plan for your life, you simply have to look at your past and see what He’s trained you for.

Jerry Loncon created his first “movie” when he was four years old by hand drawing single frames on squares of notebook paper and then taping them together to create a strip. He then showed his film (a cross between “The Giant Gila Monster”, and “King Kong vs Godzilla”, for both of you who wanted to know) in a “theatre”, which was a shoebox with a square opening cut in it.

He has been involved in visual storytelling ever since. He has always felt the fire inside to tell visual stories. With super 8 film, then ½” tape, VHS, etc., all the way to today’s digital filmmaking tools.

In his past, he has been a scuba instructor, plant worker, Media Director, and a Sergeant for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He has traveled the world creating documentaries which have been seen across the globe, along with several seasons of documentary television, as well as directing everything from live theater, commercials, and short films to multi-camera, multi-source live broadcasts.

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Julie Loncon

Co-Owner - Producer

Julie was born and raised in Southeast Texas and has deep roots there. She has been on stage in theatrical and choral productions since childhood.

She stepped away from acting in her early adult years to concentrate on raising her family. Her love for production was rekindled as a stress reliever while she was in nursing school. Julie has been in front of the camera several times, starring in several short films at Lamar State College, Orange.

She has found her passion in creating and producing projects alongside her husband, Jerry. She has worked behind the camera for a television series as well as was Executive Producer on a recent dramatic biography.
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Carly Laird


Carly was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to the Beaumont, Texas area in 2008. She is a wife and mother of two boys (one in heaven).

She has always had a love for movies and how everything works behind the scenes. Her first day on the set of The First Step, she was handed the slate and told she was now Jerry's personal assistant. By the end of the shoot, she was offered (and accepted) a role as a full producer.
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John Frederick


John is an actor from a small town in Texas. He enlisted in the navy after high school and retired after serving 20 years in 2011. After trying out several careers, he decided to focus on his true passion, which is acting.

He began with several background roles to get familiar with the industry and landed his first significant role in Greyhound, filmed in 2018 and starring Tom Hanks. He has been in a string of short films and is constantly working on his film career, in front of and behind the camera.

John has proven himself to be an invaluable resource, and his unlimited connections (and energy) are a key reason Studio 220 Films is where it is.
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Gary Caudill

Our Official Web Designer

Gary excels in crafting engaging online spaces at Kingdom Web Pros. His designs, blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, echo the unique essence of every brand he collaborates with.

Alongside his wife and business partner, Amy Caudill, Gary extends his passion beyond the digital realm as a bi-vocational pastor. He shares insights through his podcast + radio ministry and a multiplicity of offline and online evangelistic and discipleship efforts.

Gary's alliance with Studio220Films reflects his mission of aiding other Kingdom-Minded people and organizations in effectively connecting with their audience, embodying a fusion of spiritual and professional dedication that drives all his endeavors.
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Reese Ravencraft

Casting Director

Reese Ravencraft has an extensive background in theatre with an emphasis on acting and directing. She says that casting is her favorite part of the directing process simply because good casting makes the Director's job easier. She is happy to apply her casting skills to use with Studio 220 Films. Ravencraft also has training in most schools of thought as applied to the acting craft. She will be adding those skills in supplementing actor training company-wide.
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Jenilee Samuel

Host of "Inside Look" and the "publicity face" of Studio 220 films

Jenilee hosts the "Java with Jen Podcast," offering practical insights into hearing God's voice for her Christian audience. Her podcast ranks in the top 1% globally, reaching 87 countries and featuring 65 diverse guests. Alongside her podcasting, she coaches aspiring podcasters, manages Imagine Media Podcast Network, and pastors with her husband while raising four teenagers.

She's been featured in media outlets like LUTV News and publications like the Beaumont Enterprise, Voyage Houston, Bold, and CanvasRebel. Jenilee has also contributed to KHCB Radio's "Uplifted Online Magazine" as a guest author. One of her favorite opportunities was becoming the "publicity face" of Studio 220 Films where she had the privilege of being their Red Carpet Interviewer and Cast & Crew host for the “Inside Look” series. You can connect with Jenilee at www.javawithjenpodcast.com.
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