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Experience the Grandeur: Red Carpet Premiere of
'The First Step'

Presented by Faithwalk Ministries

Join Us on
 January 20th, 6 PM
at the Imperial Theatre in Augusta GA

Imperial Theatre
749 Broad Street
Augusta GA  30901

Step into the spotlight on January 20th as we roll out the red carpet for the much-anticipated premiere of "The First Step." This riveting film takes audiences on a profound journey through the landscapes of human emotion, grappling with themes of grief, resilience, and the quest for faith amidst life’s tumultuous trials. Celebrate with us at the Imperial Theatre, where every seat feels like the front row to inspiration. This isn’t just a film showing; it's a cultural event spotlighting the transformative power of cinema infused with faith. Revel in the elegance of a black-tie affair and be part of a night that promises to be as unforgettable as the film itself. Your presence will not only honor the artistry on screen but also support the bright future of faith-based storytelling.

🌟 Special VIP Experience: For an unforgettable evening at 'The First Step' premiere, secure your $40 VIP tickets. These exclusive passes grant you prime seating and a chance to be closer to the cinematic magic, as well as a back stage meet and greet! Hurry, limited availability!

⏰ Early Bird Offer: Grab your tickets now for just $10 with the promo code "
Jesus101"! This incredible offer ends on December 17th at 8 PM. Don't miss this opportunity to witness faith and film intertwine at the Imperial Theatre!

🎬 Join us at the red carpet event of the year in Augusta, where every moment is a scene and every guest is a star. Secure your spot today!
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Preview 'Chasing Faith': A Cinematic Vision Awaiting Your Spark optimize
Studio 220 Films, heralded for 'The First Step,' now offers a glimpse into the next narrative triumph with 'Chasing Faith.' Experience the proof of concept that interlaces Reese Ravencraft’s gripping portrayal of a conflicted officer with the artistry of director Jerry Loncon. Every frame, a brushstroke of rural mystique and human resolve, sets the stage for this not-yet-told story. Your support can transform this compelling blueprint into a full-fledged cinematic journey of faith and fortitude. Join us in bringing 'Chasing Faith' to life—your opportunity to ignite the screen with stories that resonate and inspire.

Support Cinematic Innovation for this Faith-Based Film and be a Part of History!
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Prepare for the Unforgettable!

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Dress Code: An Evening of Refined Elegance

As we gather for this special Black Tie event, celebrating the artistry and message of faith in cinema, we invite you to dress in a manner that reflects both reverence and celebration. Gentlemen, please come in your best suits or classic tuxedos, symbolizing respect and honor for the occasion. Ladies, we encourage you to wear elegant gowns that embody grace and dignity.

This event isn't just a showcase of cinematic achievements; it's a gathering of hearts united by faith and a passion for storytelling that uplifts and inspires. Your attire should mirror the respect and joy we share in this community, marking this evening as a special moment in our collective journey of faith. Let’s come together, dressed in our best, to honor the power of faith-based cinema and the community it nurtures.

Joseph Caudill: Augusta's Musical Gem Behind 'The First Step' and 'Chasing Faith'

Right from Augusta's own backyard, Joseph Caudill, the acclaimed composer behind 'The First Step', is set to weave his musical magic once again in Studio 220 Films' upcoming project, 'Chasing Faith'. Residing just a short drive from the Imperial Theatre, Joseph’s local presence adds a special resonance to these premieres. His profound understanding of orchestral music brings to life the complex emotions and themes of faith, resilience, and discovery in both films.

A celebrated Composer Spotlight Winner and an active member of his local church, Joseph's contributions extend beyond the realm of film scoring to enrich the cultural and spiritual life of Augusta. His involvement in 'Chasing Faith' promises to continue this legacy of captivating storytelling through music. As we anticipate the unveiling of 'Chasing Faith', let's celebrate Joseph’s remarkable talent that not only elevates cinematic narratives but also showcases the vibrant artistic spirit thriving in our community.

Join us to honor Joseph Caudill’s artistic journey and experience the harmonious interplay of his music with the powerful storytelling of 'The First Step' and 'Chasing Faith'.
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